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All the confusion of my life…has been a reflection of myself.

Possibly my favorite movie.

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“What I like the most are unknown faces, actors who are not actors, people who haven’t yet become corrupted by their acting jobs and their routines, people who are still genuine. Films that are about common people need characters who are very far from the profession of actor. Actors are middle-class, and an actor could never have played the role of the workman in Bicycle Thieves. I kept doing screen tests, looking for the right Bruno, the child, when all of a sudden, in the row of the parents, I saw a man who was holding his son by the hand. I motioned to him to come forward; he came in front of me full of hesitation, pushing his son as if he were on a plate, with a smile full of melancholic hope. ‘No,’ I said to him, ‘you are the one who interests me, not the child.’ It was Lamberto Maggiorani. I did a screen test with him right away. Everything about him was perfect: the way he moved, the way he sat down, the way he moved his hands, full of calluses. His were the hands of a workman, not of an actor.” – Vittorio De Sica

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Maybe my very favorite movie? At least, it’s up there. 

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